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With mobile internet usage set to surpass desktop PC internet access any day now it is essential that all businesses offer a mobile version of their website. Your current website is likely to perform badly on mobile devices as it has not been optimised for the various screen sizes and browsers. If you have used a mobile phone to browse the internet you will already be aware of this. When visiting the majority of websites you are unable to read or navigate them without excessive scrolling and zooming in. Worse still, some websites don’t show at all! It is very common for businesses such as restaurants and photographers to have websites built in “flash” but there is one major problem with this. The current best selling smartphone, the iPhone, can’t read websites built in flash.

By not having a mobile version of your website you are losing potential customers and profits for your business.

How does your website look on a mobile phone? 

We can provide a fast and affordable solution to this problem by designing a fully optimised mobile website to compliment your existing desktop website. When a customer enters your web address on their mobile phone they will be redirected to the mobile version of your website (we provide the code needed to do this) but if they are visiting from a desktop PC or laptop they will see the desktop version. You can now be sure that no matter how a potential customer accesses your website they are going to be able to find all the information they require about your business fast.

Your mobile website will have some great features that take advantage of the fact that your potential customer is arriving at your website from a mobile phone. We add a “one click” call us button to all our websites. This means that when the user lands on your mobile website with just one click or tap on their phone screen they can call or email you to make a reservation, book your services or buy your product. You can even add optin pages to the mobile website where you can gather your customer’s email or phone details so you can market to them via email or SMS in the future, or how about sending them a discount coupon?

The future of the internet is mobile so don’t delay any longer – call us today to find out how affordable our mobile website solutions are.

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